Markéta Kratochvílová

Born 10th March 1971

Co-author of the idea for the successful television serial, Intersection of Worlds, and author of several photographs in the book of the same title by Prof. Tomáš Halík.

Author of photographs in many periodicals and on the covers of DVD travel films.

Member of a number of tough expeditions to countries in the high Asian mountains (Bhutan, Nepal, India, Tibet).

Film producer of 111 documentary films (for example the successful television serial Czech Himalayan Adventures, Intersection of Worlds, Gods and Prophets, Pilgrimage Places of Tibetan Buddhism, Dhaulagiri, Dolpo, Rolwaling, Nepal, Pasmina, On the Trail of the Snow Leopard, Bhutan – Snowman Trek), Kamali – Unknown Valleys of Western Nepal, India and the Lands of Buddhism, and others).

This is how Ing.arch. Jan Hnízdo describes Markéta's work:

Through the lens of her camera the author observes the world that she visits and above all the people that she meets. And at certain moments she presses the button. Fascinating....Fascinating in many respects. Markéta takes photographs in a way that is completely unburdened by theories of photography. The camera with which she finds her themes interests her only as a chance medium, which is not hard to use; she chooses interesting light situations in which she makes contact with people who interest her and whom she intends to photograph. One of Markéta's abilities is definitely her talent for easy communication with these people, for without this communication the shots would never turn out as they do. In certain sequences we can see the development of this communication and the subject letting go of his or her distrust for the camera. Markéta composes her photographs completely intuitively and concentrates primarily on the interesting expressions of the people portrayed.

The photographer MgA. Jiři Macht writes as follows about Markéta's portraits:

During studies at the Václav Hollar Art School and at the Department of Photography at the Prague Film Academy [FAMU] I had the honour to get to know several talented women artists, but none of them made such explosive progress over a relatively short period as Markéta.

The history of the arts has repeatedly shown how autodidacts, guided only by their own unbounded freedom combined with hard work, can surprise us, bringing us joy from work that does not obey the strict rules with which academically trained artists impose on us, often without effect, and even bore us. Probably the most famous autodidacts are Vincent van Gogh and Henri Rousseau, and even paradoxically among famous photographers there are more people who like Markéta managed to make their own individual way than graduates of photography schools.

I venture to claim with certainty that there are very few photographers in the world who if they reach the kind of exotic places that Markéta presents to us with her tender viewpoint, do not succumb to the snares of the beauties of nature and create pure kitsch and superficiality.

With her feeling for composition using light and shade, Markéta manages to transfer reality onto walls in a way that often transforms harsh reality into an aesthetically rich work which is at the same time true testimony.

The famous French painter and photographer André Masson said: „Theme is nothing, light is everything.“

This is perhaps the only rule that Markéta completely automatically follows, and this is the mark of the maturity of her work.